rhonda merrick

AUTHOR and TEACHER: Rhonda teaches piano to several dozen students and wrote a book for beginner’s based on techniques that have been effective in her piano room.

MUSICIAN: Rhonda has written several hundred songs.  Licensing enquiries should be directed to Division of Sound.

Listen to 27 Club, click the play button.

This is a 7 minute version of a song written by the bands lead singer Rhonda Merrick on the day Amy Winehouse died in 2011. Rhonda was writing songs every day that year and sharing a blogpost about the inspiration for her daily songs. Twenty Seven Club is about a group of famous rock and roll, blues and soul singers who died at the age of 27… people like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Jade Winehouse. The music tries to convey the essence of sounds that reflect each artist as the story progresses.

The original acoustic version of the song was performed on Amazing Radio, hosted by Ruth Barnes in 2013. You can listen to that performance by clicking here.

Rhonda also performed her signature end-of-set song ‘Thank you for taking the time’ on Ruth’s show. This is the video from her session at the station.



FIFTY  is an album by Rhonda and the Great Unknown. It’s 50 years of life experience condensed into 50 moments of music.  Click HERE to Listen and Buy the album. 


Rhonda and The Great Unknown - A funky-bluesy-rock band playing songs Rhonda wrote or co-wrote.