This is what I’m doing now.

Kent Arts Television Film Music (KATFM) CIC - Ritchie and I are co-directors of a non-profit arts organisation which runs an arts centre, annual fringe festival and is launching a new school of music & film and community theatre. We’re also running our own funk-rock and concert bands. ┬áI’m making new episodes of The Brilliant Book for community television… only these days I’m working with my film and music students. I’m still writing books music, poetry and scripts… you can find my stuff on Amazon and other places. Yeah…that’s us.

Ashford Arts Centre – I started it with support and encouragement from Ritchie. Found the building that houses it and figured out how to pay for it. Set up and run all the choirs, piano classes and other training, studio rentals, website and funding applications. Volunteers and all sorts of interesting people are getting involved. I have discovered a creative mind can be indomitable in practical matters with the right focus.

Ashford Fringe Festival – It’s 9 Days of Wonderment in music, dance, theatre, comedy, film with rock bands to Opera Theatre. ┬áRitchie and I started it in 2014.

Coming up…

A community theatre

A School of Music and Film

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