It’s not all rock and roll.

“Hi Rhonda, I have excellent news for you; my appeal against your penalties relating to the 2013/14 tax year has been successful and they have cancelled about £5000 worth of fines on your account!!”

Rosanna @CalcuttMatthews

I don’t really understand things like finance and taxes, but I am lucky to have an accountant that’s proactively supportive. Because Nick Hume came round and talked with me and Ritchie about the business side of our projects and set us up on a monthly payment plan that we could just manage to afford, they’ve saved us thousands in penalties and other fees. This is only one example of how he and his fantastic team have helped us.

An email arrived from Calcutt-Matthews today, informing me that approximately £5,000 that HMRC was chasing me for had been forgiven.  Most of it was penalties for filing incorrectly and/or late.

I can focus on writing, recording, teaching and promoting the music, film and studio projects that I’m working on, because I have a fantastic team of people in MY corner, dealing with the financial stuff that I barely understand.

If you’re a creative soul like me, then I strongly encourage you to get yourself an accountant that gets who you are and what you do.  If you really want to make it in music, then you need a team of people to deal with stuff you can’t. It’s not all rock and roll.



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