This is the first quality microphone I’ve ever bought. It arrived yesterday and I’m going to use it, in my little home studio, to record some of my favorite songs from 2011. Just me, a guitar and piano… and a good microphone.
I’m working with a music producer in London on new things, but it’s been nice meandering through memory lane, listening to the days when I taught myself to play guitar… experimented with recording equipment… and just spent a bit of every day observing the world we lived in for a year.
I want to try to capture the emotions behind the songs from the day I wrote them. I want to record just a few of them properly… on the own… the way I created them.
I want to see how far I’ve come as a musician, before turning the page yet again… on a whole new musical adventure with other people.
It’s been a long road these past nine years. Some of you were there… some discovered this eclectic project along the way… thank you for hanging around. Maybe I’ll see you on the road someday.
Anyway… wish me luck with my new Rode mic… it’s a little bit like a brand new Mercedes parked in front of a council house, but there you go…
Kind & Happy Thoughts from an American Hippie in England,
Rhonda Merrick